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Cruising the San Juans

The weather really couldn't have been more perfect for our cruise around the islands. The type of days that we suffer through winter for because they're just so glorious here in the Pacific Northwest. We get so few of them, they are to be treasured!

After 4th of July at Friday Harbor, we made our leisurely way to Stewart Island, right on the border of the US and Canada. A quiet protected anchorage, there was absolutely nothing there, just sunshine, gently lapping water against the hull, a slight breeze barely rocking us, so quiet and peaceful. Add a steak on the BBQ, a glass of wine, and it was bliss.

The next day we made a quick 30 minute dash to Roche Harbor so we could get cell phone reception - we had a couple of Aussie birthdays we couldn't miss, and we thought it would great to check out the lovely town there along with the lime kilns. Darrin didn't believe they existed. I had to prove him wrong of course.

We anchored in the bay which is a bit crazy - lots of comings and goings, not to mention the float planes dodging the boats and they were taking off and landing! A little dinghy trip into the dock and a 2 minute walk found us sitting in the shade overlooking the harbor as we waited for our drinks. After a quick lunch we wandered the town and lo...we found lime kilns!

The lime kilns were built by British Marines in the mid 1800's as a way to keep them busy during the Pig War between the United States and Britain.

We spent our day being tourists, enjoying the beautiful gardens and buildings in the glorious sunshine.

We headed back to the boat for dinner and passage planning for the next day,our destination being Rosario Resort on Orcas Island. We could have gone back the way we came, but where's the fun in that? So the Wasp Passage was our chosen route.

I hoped it didn't live up to it's reputation.

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