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Eione is a 2012 Hunter 39 and we absolutely love her!

Our previous boat was a 2005 Hunter 27 and we really loved how easy she was to sail and how comfortable she was.  When we were looking for a larger boat with a view to living aboard and cruising, we kept coming back to Hunters.

Now, before we get into a brouhaha about "blue water boats" and "production boats", keep a few things in mind:  We have no plans to sail the North Sea, so we didn't need a Hallberg-Rassey. We didn't have a million dollars for a 45ft late model Oyster. We don't have any intention of crossing oceans, we plan to do what's called "coastal cruising"(even though our boat is ocean rated) which means not too far from land, maybe a few overnighters or 3 day passages here and there, but overwhelmingly we plan to hop from one anchorage to another, taking our time and waiting for the right weather window before we move on.

We think our boat is perfect for us and our plans to sail to Mexico and the Caribbean!

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