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What's This All About?

Just like thousands of others we're jumping on the "lets quit work and sail around" bandwagon. Lest you think this is a recent rash decision, we've actually been thinking of doing this for years - about 17 in fact.  The majority of that time has been a very vaguely talked about dream of a future undertaking as we went about living our lives, but now here we are.  


We've been actively working towards this goal for the last 3 years and with a year left of work, our plans have shifted into overdrive and we've made some real progress towards our departure date of August 2018 October 10, 2017!

This website is primarily a way for our wonderfully supportive families to follow along with our travels, and also a way for us to remember how we went a bit crazy, bought a boat and sailed away...


... in search of a life less ordinary. 


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