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Friday Harbor Fireworks

Friday Harbor pulls out all the stops for the 4th. A beautiful location, marina was full, fireworks, a parade...perfection!

We started the day at the parade, quite the cast of characters!

Lunchtime found us at Downriggers for a burger and bevy on the waterfront.

On the way back to the boat after lunch we decided to pop in to the seafood shack to buy some prawns to have for our dinner on the boat. We met Popeye, the famous sea lion well known for her presence in the harbor. And why wouldn't she hang around at the seafood shack? All that food, right there!

Dinner was delicious and we settled in with blankets and popcorn for the fireworks show. We had the best seats in the house, on the bow of the boat. An extra bonus was that we could see the Lopez Island fireworks after the Friday Harbour ones!

After 3 days we were ready to move on to an anchorage for a few days of quiet.

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